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Health Insurance 101

Free Webinar

Sunday, November 20th
12pm EST

More info below!

Do you have questions about how your health insurance works?

Divergent Physical Therapy is hosting a FREE webinar going over the basics of health insurance to help you understand your benefits.

More info

Who is this webinar for?

Do you...

Have health insurance but don't know anything about how it works?

Have health insurance and know generally how it works but would like to get more out of it?

Not have health insurance but are looking to get insured and not sure where to start?​

This is your opportunity to learn!

Hi, I'm Ginger!

I've been practicing physical therapy for over 7 years and have made it my mission to understand the ins-and-outs of the medical system to better advise my clients.

One aspect of the medical system that I know well is health insurance. During this free webinar, I'll explain the basics of health insurance including payments, referrals, and how to negotiate getting the care you deserve.


You'll learn...


The basics:

  • Health insurance terminology

  • How payments work

  • Referrals: What are they? Do I need one?


Your questions:

  • What insurance company is best for me?

  • What plan is best for me?

  • What other ways can I reduce health care costs?

And you'll get...

  • My database of Health Savings Account/Flexible Spending Account financial institutions

  • An opportunity to sign up for a FREE 1-on-1 session to discuss your specific health insurance needs

  • And a SPECIAL BONUS at the end of the webinar!!

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I want to learn more about how my health insurance works. Sign me up!

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