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FREE Virtual Injury and Pointe Readiness Screenings

Why should I sign up?

Are you...

...injured and not sure what to do?

...not sure if physical therapy is right for you?

Do you...

...have chronic pain or are prone to injuries and want to learn how to prevent this?

...want to start pointe within the next year but not sure if you're ready?

...want to become a stronger dancer but not sure where to start?

I can help you answer ALL these questions!

Hi, I'm Ginger!

I've been practicing physical therapy for over 7 years and have made it my mission to help dancers get the guidance they need in navigating the healthcare system, rehabbing from injury, and reducing the risk for injury.

By the end of your screening, you'll have answers to your questions and a plan to move forward. I am always honest with my clients about whether I can help them or if they need to take a different path, but my goal is to help my clients get better NO MATTER WHAT.


You'll learn...


Whether physical therapy is right for you

  • Will conservative treatment work for you?

  • Do you need to see another specialist?


Whether I can help you

  • Am I the best fit for you?

  • Is there someone else who would be more suited to your specific needs?-- I'll give you a recommendation!


Next steps

  • Will we be working together?

  • Will you need to see a specialist? Or another practitioner?

  • What can I start doing now?

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