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Dance Class

For Students

Check out our services designed to maximize your dancing potential and keep you dancing!

Pointe Readiness Screenings

Want to know if you or your child is ready to start pointe? Making sure you or your child is prepared for the physical stress of pointe work is important to the health of your/their developing bones. Book a pointe screening to make sure you/your child is ready to take the next step in their dance training.

One-on-one Sessions

Did you know that reaching your dance goals may take extra work outside of classes? Not sure how to support your dance training through cross-training and conditioning? Then one-on-one sessions may be perfect for you! In these sessions designed specifically for you, we dive deep into your personal dance goals and create a plan that will help you achieve them. Book a FREE discovery call (below) to get started!


Looking to improve your flexibility, jumps, turns, and/or balance? Our workshops are perfect to help enhance your training and give you the leg up you need. Check out our calendar to see when the next workshop is taking place!

Injury Screenings

Are you constantly getting injured? Having to take time off from dancing only to get hurt again? Not sure how to stop the cycle? An injury screening may be just what you need. These screenings identify areas for improvement that may be leading to recurrent injury. Our clinicians then help you come up with a plan to help you strengthen these areas to help you reach your dance goals. Book a FREE discovery call (below) to find out more about injury screenings!

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Everyone learns best in a different way. So teaching requires flexibility in the approach. If one approach isn't working, you've got to recognize that and pivot quickly in order to provide the best education for your students.

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