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Dance Class

For Studios

Check out our services designed to maximize your studio's potential and help keep students and teachers dancing!

Pointe-Readiness Screenings

Tired of answering the question, "When can I start pointe?" Frustrated with having to explain to students and parents that their child just isn't ready yet? Our pointe readiness screenings use evidence-based special tests to determine if students are ready for pointe and give them a personalized exercise plan to help them reach their goals!

Teacher Training

Want to make sure your teachers are providing the safest and most up-to-date training to your dancers to help them achieve their goals and stay injury-free? Book a teacher training workshop to keep your instructors knowledgeable about how to deliver effective dance training that focuses on the developmental needs of their students.

Student Workshops

Looking to improve your dancers' flexibility, jumps, turns, and/or balance? Our workshops are perfect to help enhance your dancers' training and give them the leg up they need!

Injury Screenings

Do you have a number of students who are injured? Are dancers taking time off from classes or competitions? Book our injury screenings to get of this problem before it becomes an epidemic.

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Learning through doing is the best way to absorb and retain new information, especially when learning about the body and movement. It's almost impossible to truly understand movement without moving. 

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Dance Class
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