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Strengthening Port de Bras
3-Part Webinar

Strengthening Port de Bras
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Here's what's included:

Shoulder girdle anatomy, motor control concepts, and methods of cueing;

New exercises and techniques to strengthen the shoulder girdle and improve port de bras;

New ways of communicating with students and tapping into their subconscious brain;

Application of the information with daily homework.

The 3-Part Webinar is only available at this price for a limited time!

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How do I know if the Strengthening Port de Bras webinar is right for me?
This webinar was designed for...

Part-time or full-time dance teachers who want to: ​

  • Learn shoulder anatomy

  • Learn exercises to help their students strengthen their shoulder girdle

  • Learn how to incorporate motor control concepts into their dance teaching

  • Learn how to use cueing to promote proper muscle activation

  • Help their students improve their port de bras

If this sounds like you, then you're in the right place!

Strengthening Port de Bras
3-Part Webinar

  • 3-Part Webinar

    Strengthening Port de Bras
    • Access to webinar videos
    • Accompanying workbook with homework
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