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Getting Ready for

Why should I sign up?

Are you...

...a dance student interested in starting pointe within the next year?

...a parent of a dance student who's interested in starting pointe within the next year?

...curious about what it takes to get en pointe?

...curious about what pointe work entails?

...curious about staying safe and healthy en pointe?

I can help you answer ALL these questions!

Hi, I'm Ginger!

I've been dancing practically my whole life with a strong classical background, so I know what it takes to be en pointe.


I've been practicing physical therapy for over 8 years and have made it my mission to help dancers get the guidance they need to stay safe and healthy when going en pointe.


You'll learn...


What it takes to be en pointe

  • What skills do you need to have?

  • What range of motion is necessary?

  • How strong do you need to be?


How to stay safe and healthy

  • What are the risks to getting injured en pointe?

  • How do I know when I'll be able to start?

  • Do I need to get X-rays before I can start?


Whether you're ready

  • Am I strong enough?

  • Do I have the appropriate skills?

  • Is my body ready for it?

  • What do I need to do to get there?

When and Where

Monday, March 25th
Dance Express
1751 Radcliff St,
Garden City, MI

Getting Ready for Pointe Seminar

Free pointe readiness


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