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Modern Dance Teacher

For Teachers

Check out our services designed to maximize your dancing and teaching potential and help keep students dancing!

Seminar: Injury Prevention for Dance Teachers

Having trouble keeping up with your teaching? Are you finding something else hurts or is bothering you almost every day? If you want to learn more about how to keep your body in top-shape so you can keep teaching WITHOUT restriction or discomfort, check out our calendar for the next available online seminar!

One-on-one Sessions

As teachers, our mission is to help our students reach their dance goals. But what are dance goals? Would you like to re-gain your flexibility? Improve your balance? Reduce pain? If you're struggling and looking for help reaching your goals, book a one-on-one session with one of our clinicians where we'll work together to identify and address your specific needs to help you reach your goals and keep you teaching!

Student Workshops

Looking to improve your dancers' flexibility, jumps, turns, and/or balance? Our workshops are perfect to help enhance your dancers' training and give them the leg up they need!

Injury Screenings

Do you have a number of students who are injured? Are dancers taking time off from classes or competitions? Book our injury screenings to get of this problem before it becomes an epidemic.

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