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Strengthening Port de Bras

Free 3-Day Challenge!

Feb 23rd-25th @ 10am EST


Presented by GingerAnn Neslund, PT, DPT
Owner of Divergent Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC

I work with dance teachers and studios to enhance their dance teaching to stay safe and healthy and help their students thrive!

One of the questions I'm often asked is how to improve dancers' port de bras. As a dance student, I also had difficulty strengthening and perfecting my port de bras. It didn't really click for me until college when I finally had someone who understood how to break down the movement.

As a physical therapist, my goal is to bring science and health information back to the dance field to help keep dancers safe and healthy while reaching for their movement goals. It would be my pleasure to share my knowledge with you about how to help your students improve their port de bras.

In this 3-day challenge we will cover

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