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You made it through the 3-day Challenge!

You learned about shoulder girdle anatomy, motor control concepts, and methods of cueing;

You got a chance to try out some new exercises and techniques to strengthen the shoulder girdle and improve port de bras;

You enhanced your teaching by learning new ways of communicating with students and tapping into their subconscious brain;

AND you got a chance to start APPLYING the information you learned right away with daily homework.

As a gift for completing the challenge, I'd like to offer you access to my membership, normally $47/month, for just $37/month!!

This offer is only available for a limited time, so make sure to sign up ASAP!

Enhance your dance teaching by joining the

Dance Well Club.png

Join the only membership that focuses not only on your students' success, but your success as a dancer and teacher.


Weekly 1-hour Dance Wellness Education

To stay up-to-date on dance science and learn how to keep yourself and your students healthy
($320 monthly value)


Bi-weekly 30-minute strength & conditioning classes

To learn new exercises to help your students thrive while simultaneously focusing on your own wellness goals
($120 monthly value)

Monthly Live Q & A

An open forum to ask specialized healthcare professionals any relevant questions you have about dance health and wellness
($80 value)


And so much more...

When you join the Dance Well Club, you'll get:

Access to all Dance Well Club resources including re-plays of all Live trainings, downloadables, worksheets, planners, etc.

($250 value)

Access to all future updates to the Dance Well Club membership


Access to all special guests via masterclasses, lectures, interviews, etc.

($250+ value)

Discounts on all future dance wellness programs

($100+ value)

Discounts on all one-on-one services with Divergent Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC

($200+ value)

I'm giving away this awesome membership - a $1320 value - for just $37/mo!!

I want you to be successful as a dancer and teacher, and I don't want finances to stand in your way.


Hi! I'm Ginger.


I'm a dancer. I've been dancing my whole life, even before dance "classes." After receiving my BFA in Dance from the University of Michigan in 2012, I went on to become a physical therapist. I've now been practicing  physical therapy for over 6 years, and I teach a couple dance classes in my spare time.


I developed the Dance Well Club membership to provide an opportunity for dance teachers to get the health and wellness training they are searching for without breaking the bank. I wanted to be able to reach dance teachers in a format that is affordable and easy to access.

I also wanted to develop something that would benefit you AND your students! As dance teachers, we feel compelled to help our students improve their technique while enjoying the art of dance. But sometimes we forget that we have bodies too, and that we need to lead by example by keeping our own bodies safe and healthy.

If you want to learn more about the Dance Well Club, click the link below to schedule a FREE discovery call!

Part-time or full-time dance teachers who want to: ​

  • Learn more about what exercises will help them stay healthy and keep teaching

  • Learn more about how to improve their students' technique in a safe manner

  • Learn more about mental health and nutrition for dancers

  • Incorporate dance science into their curriculum but don't know where to start

If this sounds like you, then you're in the right place!

The Dance Well Club was designed for...

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Dance Well Club